Twist of Fate Leads to Volunteering at a Unique Fitness Challenge

A twist of fate struck Lynne Walker a few weeks ago as she walked across a parking lot. She had just completed her second volunteer shift...

Published Jun 21, 2018 in press release

Lynne Walker

Calgary, AB – A twist of fate struck Lynne Walker a few weeks ago as she walked across a parking lot. She had just completed her second volunteer shift at a casino night for the Variety Children’s Charities of Alberta. Their fundraiser was in support of accessible playgrounds for all children including those with sensory awareness and physical challenges. When Lynne’s foot bumped an uneven section of pavement, she twisted her ankle and broke her foot. That moment instantly changed a months-long plan to participate in a unique event.

Femsport is a strength and fitness challenge featuring six intense trials such as pushing a truck or SUV approximately a hundred feet; flipping a tractor tire weighing up to 300 lb eight times; and completing 15 ‘burpee’ exercises (jump, squat and push-up) while carrying a 40 lb sandbag! This would have been Lynne’s fifth year as a participant.

Lynne Walker at Femsport in 2015 “I’ve trained for eight months to be part of Femsport this Saturday” says Lynne. “I’m not going to have a pity party. There are things I can still do with my cast and a crutch. I can do timing. I can do data entry on the results. I’m also mentoring other competitors. Some are first timers, who really appreciate help with the events.”

Lynne was 53-years-old when she began weight training. Her mother had suffered complications from severe osteoporosis and Lynne’s doctor told her she was showing early signs of the bone disease. That diagnosis set her on a path to greater fitness and strength.

“I was a little apprehensive about participating in my first Femsport because a lot of the competitors are in their 20s and 30s, but it was incredibly moving to discover how these women support each other. The first year I did Femsport, I think I was the oldest woman in Alberta to complete it. I learned there is no ego—only personal bests. It’s empowering.”

The public is invited to cheer on participants at Femsport in Calgary on June 23. For more details, please visit

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